Monday, January 17, 2011

One Year Old and Still Singing!

One year ago, I began writing this blog.  Singing in the Cold opened the Doorway to Hope and began a journey in hearing and writing words that encourage.  I desired to use this space to write "the right words to encourage the weary." (Isaiah 50:4)  

What I wasn't prepared for was the welcoming community of encouragers through the written word and photography.  The community of encouragers enhance this Doorway of Hope.  Encouragement transforms...

Songs of joy pour out of my grateful heart for the gifts that the Gift-giver unfolds daily.  Today, my songs of gratitude are for:

#632  the love of reading learned from my mother whose formal education ended early in her life, but whose life-long learning continues

#633 encouraging words that have power to heal, restore, strengthen, and comfort

#634 fellow bloggers committed to writing encouraging words

#635 grace to apply lessons on writing

#636 meal shared with friends

#637 wisdom for planning

#638 celebrating small steps forward

#639 shared vision for life in marriage

#640 team work

#641 creative recipes

Sing your song of gratitude with Ann's gratitude community.

In joy,


  1. Congratulations on your one-year blogging anniversary. I remember feeling the same way when I hit the one-year mark -- knowing that I had been richly and unexpectedly blessed by real community on the World Wide Web.

    Thank you for being a beacon of Light on the Information Superhighway. God bless you in the coming year!

    Grace and peace,
    Jennifer Dukes Lee
    Contributing Editor @ The High Calling

  2. Thank you, Jennifer. I am grateful for the High Calling community!

  3. I sing with you, Donna. God is so encouraging through ways we just could never imagine. Your list of praise is beautiful. And may your day be filled with even more of His sweetness, ~ linda

  4. I hear you singing, Linda! Thank you for visiting today. Showers of blessings for your week!