Monday, April 26, 2010

Wonder and Awe

 Spending time with young children opens my senses in refreshing ways.  Like a child, I look with wonder and hear intensely and touch gently with gratitude for:

#222  big,beautiful eyes in a baby girl

#223  long, winding paths

#224  creative pictures drawn by young hands

#225  sunsets over water

 #226  conversations in the garden

#227  squeals of laughter

#228  gurgling waterways

#229  a fine lady on a horse


 #230  rings and bells

#231  worship in song

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Springing forth

The celebration of my husband's birthday occurred this week.  We paused for a lovely dinner at an historic inn.  We read that the inn was established after the civil war as a place for healing hearts of neighbors and nation.  The inn stands to this day as evidence of a measure of healing springing forth.

While walking through the gardens surrounding the inn, evidence of a new season was springing forth wherever our eyes landed.

 The winding river mirrored our decades of marriage - flowing into something much bigger than our individual lives.
The gnarled tree trunk, we observed, was a reminder of the way our lives  have grown intertwined over the years - a three cord strand not easily broken, by God's grace.
The light of this lantern is reminiscent of the Light of Life who guides our paths, enlightens our minds, and ignites love within our relationship.

Another year of life springs forth!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Anchor Holds

A friend told me that her boat, anchored to the pier, was tossed to and fro in the strong winds.  Although the winds blew strong and hard against it, the boat never lost its anchor.  I identify with that boat as winds blow strong and hard in my life, the lives of family, friends, work colleagues, and more.  In the midst of the storms, I made the decision to live my life trading anxiety for Peace, self-reliance for Help, fear for Love, and turmoil for Comfort.  Once that  decision was made, I let down my anchor.  On days like today, I have to remember that I am anchored.  Gracious words, loving words, comforting presence came from various sources to remind I am grateful for:

#212  generous offer to borrow my friend's camera so that I could remember beautiful scenes in the mountains at the school nurse conference

#213  rich time of sharing with youth

#214  freedom to cry while informing fellow journey-ers about my current storm

#215  understanding more than ever that joy can exist within even when trouble stirs without

#216  decision to go after rest

#217  dinner with Mama

#218  greetings from cousin in town for a visit

#219  curiosity in the eyes of a precious six month old baby girl sitting on my lap

#220  conversations with young adult children

#221  hope that grows!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Renewal

Spring Renewal
A Sonnet by Donna

Crocuses peek from the softening sod
Snow banks disappear with each passing day
Daffodils gather to give us a nod
Sunshine and light bring the promise of play.

Why does my soul languish in a cocoon?
How can I see past the gloom that still lurks?
Wait! Is that light from the silvery moon?
Saying, open to joy despite your quirks!

Spring has arrived, so rejoice and be glad
Winter cannot linger to rule and reign
Now is the season to throw geese a tad
While walking and skipping along the lane.

Like the stately tulips show forth their worth
Lord, my soul is renewed like the spring earth.


Want to read more sonnets?  You will find them at (in)courage

Monday, April 12, 2010

Restored Soul

Have you ever experienced a season where intensity in every area of life was the rule rather than the exception?  I am in that season now, which makes it ever so crucial for me to choose rest; to  find my rest in the Lord.  With that pursuit in mind, I am grateful for:

#202  leisurely walks in a village hand in hand with my cherished husband


 #203  meandering Sunday walk with my dear friend and her two dogs

 #204  standing, falling, leaning on the Rock

#205 worshipping in community

#206  riding the waves (thanks to Grace) that faithfully show up on my shores

#207  seeing a bright spot on a cloudy day

#208  hearing joy in voices

#209  sitting with a dog who knows how to extract affection

#210  singing out loud and loudly in the car to my favorite Audience

#211  praying with help - I need help (thank you Holy Spirit!)

holy experience

Monday, April 5, 2010

There's Hope in Sight!

The day began with a somber telephone message.

So sad news
eyes sting
feelings of abandonment resurface

So I feel
heart hurts
now healing comes

There is hope in sight because Jesus lives!

"Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music." Psalm 145:4

Singing thanks to the Lord while:

#192 connecting with adolescents in a moment of joy

#193 joining with family for food, fellowship, and fun

#194 dancing with a limp

#195 preparing lamb stew for one shut in

#196 walking in the sun

#197 smiling with birthday friend who found a place of refreshing

#198 frosting cupcakes in spring colors

#199 sharing smiles across the room

#200 watching college basketball together

#201 delivering love notes over the telephone

holy experience

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Always Carry It With Me

As I walked the streets in late winter, I saw an intriguing sculpture...

As I pondered the sight, I thought: what do I always carry with me?

"Wonder is retained by wise pondering."   Ravi Zacharias