Saturday, April 24, 2010

Springing forth

The celebration of my husband's birthday occurred this week.  We paused for a lovely dinner at an historic inn.  We read that the inn was established after the civil war as a place for healing hearts of neighbors and nation.  The inn stands to this day as evidence of a measure of healing springing forth.

While walking through the gardens surrounding the inn, evidence of a new season was springing forth wherever our eyes landed.

 The winding river mirrored our decades of marriage - flowing into something much bigger than our individual lives.
The gnarled tree trunk, we observed, was a reminder of the way our lives  have grown intertwined over the years - a three cord strand not easily broken, by God's grace.
The light of this lantern is reminiscent of the Light of Life who guides our paths, enlightens our minds, and ignites love within our relationship.

Another year of life springs forth!

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