Monday, April 26, 2010

Wonder and Awe

 Spending time with young children opens my senses in refreshing ways.  Like a child, I look with wonder and hear intensely and touch gently with gratitude for:

#222  big,beautiful eyes in a baby girl

#223  long, winding paths

#224  creative pictures drawn by young hands

#225  sunsets over water

 #226  conversations in the garden

#227  squeals of laughter

#228  gurgling waterways

#229  a fine lady on a horse


 #230  rings and bells

#231  worship in song

 "Start each day anew with a deep sense of wonder and awe."  Robert J. Wicks

holy experience

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  1. I understand completely what you are saying, Donna, about how seeing life through the eyes and ears of young children changes how we look and listen in life! It is like it gives us a brand new perspective on life! We are headed to Maine in 9 days to get that new perspective! :) Can hardly wait!

    I've been out for the day, so this is the first chance I've really had to do a bit of reading of blogs. But before I go to begin dinner, I wanted to thank you for stopping by and visiting me yesterday. Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment.

    Joy to you, my friend.