Monday, April 5, 2010

There's Hope in Sight!

The day began with a somber telephone message.

So sad news
eyes sting
feelings of abandonment resurface

So I feel
heart hurts
now healing comes

There is hope in sight because Jesus lives!

"Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music." Psalm 145:4

Singing thanks to the Lord while:

#192 connecting with adolescents in a moment of joy

#193 joining with family for food, fellowship, and fun

#194 dancing with a limp

#195 preparing lamb stew for one shut in

#196 walking in the sun

#197 smiling with birthday friend who found a place of refreshing

#198 frosting cupcakes in spring colors

#199 sharing smiles across the room

#200 watching college basketball together

#201 delivering love notes over the telephone

holy experience


  1. I like your sign that reads HOPE. My life would be so miserable without HOPE...Jesus not only gives me hope, but HE is HOPE! Love the way He turns our not so good days into ones that give us hope! Beautiful list of gratitude gifts!

  2. I love this list Donna. "Dancing with a limp." I think that's me right now. I also love, "frosting in spring colors." That brought such a tasty picture to mind. "Delivering love letters over the phone." You know, I think this last one will help me a lot. I have an elderly mother that depends on my to call every single day. It is the highlight of her day. Sometimes there isn't much news when you talk every day, but there is always something we can enjoy together. I am going to think of these calls as love letters over the phone! Thanks for sharing!