Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deeply Breathing: Reframing Rest

By week's end, I longed for a quiet place where I could breathe deeply and quiet my body and  soul.  Hectic and hurried described this week.

As I browsed shelves at the local library, I saw one of the tools  I will use in this summer's reframing project

The title alone, breathe: Creating Space for God in a Hectic Life, caught my attention.

In the book, Keri Wyatt Kent, focuses on slowing, simplicity, and sabbath-keeping.   As I read, I look forward to the journey toward a reframed view of rest.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank God for Monday - Reframing Work

On Monday morning in the office, a colleague remarked that I seemed especially peppy (I was swinging my water bottle as we chatted).  I shared that I had a new perspective about work - a reframing of my work that came about from observing young children.

I remember the excitement with which my children would approach [some] chores when they were very young. 

One of my son's first chores as a 3-4 year old was to put away flatware from the dishwasher.  We had two patterns, so he carefully looked at each utensil as he matched forks, knives, and spoons.

My daughter relished cleaning her bedroom when it involved putting her books in order on the bookshelves.

As they worked on those chores, I did not notice, with the children, the heavy sighs that would sometimes escape my lips on Monday mornings.

So what changed this week?  I began the reframing project: I seek to intentionally look anew at various aspects of my life.  This week, I am pondering the power of my attitude to affect my work. 

The renewed focus on my work has resulted in my intention to:
  • remember that the process is as valuable as the product, and
  • recognize the privilege of doing my best from the heart as working  for the Lord (Colossians 3:23).
So I am on the pathway, setting my mind and my attitude to enjoy work, just as my children enjoyed their first chores...Thanking God for the work!

What are your thoughts on work?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reframing Fitness

As promised, today I am sharing the fitness aspect of the Reframing Project.

Winter turned to spring but my fitness routine stayed in hibernation - at least in the format to which I was accustomed.  I liked  the moderate to intense workouts - the huffing, puffing, quad trembling, hamstring tightening workouts. 

But since falling and straining a muscle in my leg in early spring, I have struggled to work up to a mild to moderate exercise pace.   Then the cycle began: low intensity workouts were not satisfying, so I did fewer and fewer and fewer workouts.

Until I reframed this fitness dilemma: I decided that whether at a mild, moderate, or intense pace, I simply needed to be consistent in moving.  And so, I am moving...step by step...

What is your first step in reframing your work, world or ways? 


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Reframing Project

The first day of summer finds me filled with adventure as I embark on a project for the season. 

This Reframing Project came to mind as I photographed various scenes for Claire's PhotoPlay

From June 21 - September 21, I invite you to join me as I view my work, world, and ways with renewed vision.

What do I mean about reframing?  Glad you asked...

The Collins English Dictionary includes the following definitions for reframe:
  • to look at, present, think of beliefs, ideas, or relationships in a new or different way
  • to say something in a different way
The Reframing Project provides the opportunity for me to look at and think about certain aspects of my life in a new or different way.  For example,  I am reframing my ideas and beliefs about:

 work, relationships, relaxation, fitness, fun, faith, and life dreams 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Remembering Daddy

Father's Day comes to me with mental snapshots of times with my father who died over 15 years ago. While life with Daddy was predictably unpredictable, I learned to appreciate and receive what he gave to me.

Interestingly, my husband helped my eyes open to the depths of my father's love for his children.   Past memories of disappointments obscured my vision at times.   Seeing Daddy - truly seeing his heart - could be as difficult as spying a butterfly (whose color blended with a branch) among flowers.

For about five years my husband and father worked in the same building - Daddy worked a night shift, while my husband worked during the day.  The two men - connected by me - often chatted in the morning during their coming and going.   At home, I would hear my husband share how proud my father was of his children and how he lovingly spoke of each one of us in the workplace. 

Slowly, surely, my vision expanded to see my father's heart for his see him.  My heart made room for the father I came to know in a new way.  Compassion, gratitude, and love back filled the ruts from the past.  I am forever grateful to my husband for new perspective and to my Father God for healing.   I am grateful to my father for being my father.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Help Comes

Summertime and the reading listening is easy...

My daughter sent a gift to Grandma, my mother, in the form of an audio book: The Help

My mother was "the help" for several families during her young adult years. 

This work of fiction introduces the reader (or listener) to the 'help' and the 'helped' - the lives of women in Mississippi during the 1960's.

We listened; we chatted; we dozed; we smiled...

Mama shared memories of her experiences as the 'help.' 

Young woman whose mother died when she was little girl, mothered her children and children in other families. 

Young woman whose father died when she was a teen, learned to cook and clean and create.

Young woman learned  to live, love, lean because...

Help comes...

Monday, June 14, 2010


This spring finds me digging in the earth more than I have done in years.

From basil to salvia; from tomatoes to peppers - life is blooming.

In the midst of the dirt; and with the drips of water, I remember:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We do: over and over

For 30 married years, my husband and I quietly repeat our wedding vows during weddings we attend.  We hold hands, just as we did the first time, and let the words of commitment form on our lips once again  -  I do. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simplicity and Ordinariness

Spending time at the beach (or near a body of water) provides an atmosphere in which I hear and see more clearly.  A recent visit to the ocean launched me into thoughts of simplicity - living life with clarity and purpose.

I had an opportunity to reflect on a visit with dearfriends.  While sharing time with them, I was given gifts of encouraging words that spoke specifically to my heart ponderings.  I was far from the beach physically, but the effect of that time of sharing was like a week on the shores of my favorite part of the ocean.  The simplicity of living an authentic life - knowing who I am, what my gifts are, and the guiding principle for living out the who and what of my life resurged within me.  I am grateful...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Community Health, Community Wealth

posted by Donna
Community Health

Throughout my career as a registered nurse, I worked primarily in community health settings,such as home care, hospice in the home, and schools.  Aside from the health care aspect of my work, community health settings reminded me to:

know and acknowledge my values, social customs and attitudes; and

be open to learning the values, social customs, and attitudes of the people with whom I came in contact.

Interactions with clients, families, and colleagues were enhanced when I remembered to live out the above two ways of being.