Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank God for Monday - Reframing Work

On Monday morning in the office, a colleague remarked that I seemed especially peppy (I was swinging my water bottle as we chatted).  I shared that I had a new perspective about work - a reframing of my work that came about from observing young children.

I remember the excitement with which my children would approach [some] chores when they were very young. 

One of my son's first chores as a 3-4 year old was to put away flatware from the dishwasher.  We had two patterns, so he carefully looked at each utensil as he matched forks, knives, and spoons.

My daughter relished cleaning her bedroom when it involved putting her books in order on the bookshelves.

As they worked on those chores, I did not notice, with the children, the heavy sighs that would sometimes escape my lips on Monday mornings.

So what changed this week?  I began the reframing project: I seek to intentionally look anew at various aspects of my life.  This week, I am pondering the power of my attitude to affect my work. 

The renewed focus on my work has resulted in my intention to:
  • remember that the process is as valuable as the product, and
  • recognize the privilege of doing my best from the heart as working  for the Lord (Colossians 3:23).
So I am on the pathway, setting my mind and my attitude to enjoy work, just as my children enjoyed their first chores...Thanking God for the work!

What are your thoughts on work?


  1. Hi!

    I'd love for you to add or "show" your blog on your Blogger profile, so I can access it easily. Right now, I can only find it by your comments.

  2. Am loving this reframing project of yours, Donna! What a wonderful approach to doing our best for the Lord. Somewhere along the line I've found those same sighs escaping my lips...and many times even groans. Think I will join you in this reframing project!

  3. I love my work. It is part of what relaxes and makes me happy. :)

  4. @Cassandra - thanks for the suggestion. I believe my blog is now visible on my profile.

    @Dianna - how is your reframing project going? I find that I am more aware and open to new perspectives on work and rest.

    @L.L. Barkat, thanks for commenting. As I read your posts, your love for your work is evident!