Sunday, June 6, 2010

Community Health, Community Wealth

posted by Donna
Community Health

Throughout my career as a registered nurse, I worked primarily in community health settings,such as home care, hospice in the home, and schools.  Aside from the health care aspect of my work, community health settings reminded me to:

know and acknowledge my values, social customs and attitudes; and

be open to learning the values, social customs, and attitudes of the people with whom I came in contact.

Interactions with clients, families, and colleagues were enhanced when I remembered to live out the above two ways of being.

Community Wealth

Since I began blogging in January 2010, I have experienced wonderful connections with fellow bloggers as I was open to learning the values, social customs, and attitudes exhibited in the blogosphere.

As I perused various sites, one blogging community caught my eye - High Calling Blogs.   This site truly lives up to the their tag line: Real Community. Shared Values.  I decided to join this community because:
  • blogging in community enriches writing, learning, sharing
  • real community and shared values enhance the process and product
Consider a visit to High Calling Blogs...

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