Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Help Comes

Summertime and the reading listening is easy...

My daughter sent a gift to Grandma, my mother, in the form of an audio book: The Help

My mother was "the help" for several families during her young adult years. 

This work of fiction introduces the reader (or listener) to the 'help' and the 'helped' - the lives of women in Mississippi during the 1960's.

We listened; we chatted; we dozed; we smiled...

Mama shared memories of her experiences as the 'help.' 

Young woman whose mother died when she was little girl, mothered her children and children in other families. 

Young woman whose father died when she was a teen, learned to cook and clean and create.

Young woman learned  to live, love, lean because...

Help comes...


  1. Sounds like a wonderful lady!

  2. Your mom sounds like a special lady, Donna!