Saturday, June 19, 2010

Remembering Daddy

Father's Day comes to me with mental snapshots of times with my father who died over 15 years ago. While life with Daddy was predictably unpredictable, I learned to appreciate and receive what he gave to me.

Interestingly, my husband helped my eyes open to the depths of my father's love for his children.   Past memories of disappointments obscured my vision at times.   Seeing Daddy - truly seeing his heart - could be as difficult as spying a butterfly (whose color blended with a branch) among flowers.

For about five years my husband and father worked in the same building - Daddy worked a night shift, while my husband worked during the day.  The two men - connected by me - often chatted in the morning during their coming and going.   At home, I would hear my husband share how proud my father was of his children and how he lovingly spoke of each one of us in the workplace. 

Slowly, surely, my vision expanded to see my father's heart for his see him.  My heart made room for the father I came to know in a new way.  Compassion, gratitude, and love back filled the ruts from the past.  I am forever grateful to my husband for new perspective and to my Father God for healing.   I am grateful to my father for being my father.
 "...a father's love is embraced as a gift."   Judson Cornwall in My Father and I: How the Bible Teaches Fatherhood. page 168

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  1. Wonderful sentiments, and I'm glad you have fond thoughts of your dad on Father's Day. ~ I missed the butterfuly until you pointed it out!