Monday, June 21, 2010

The Reframing Project

The first day of summer finds me filled with adventure as I embark on a project for the season. 

This Reframing Project came to mind as I photographed various scenes for Claire's PhotoPlay

From June 21 - September 21, I invite you to join me as I view my work, world, and ways with renewed vision.

What do I mean about reframing?  Glad you asked...

The Collins English Dictionary includes the following definitions for reframe:
  • to look at, present, think of beliefs, ideas, or relationships in a new or different way
  • to say something in a different way
The Reframing Project provides the opportunity for me to look at and think about certain aspects of my life in a new or different way.  For example,  I am reframing my ideas and beliefs about:

 work, relationships, relaxation, fitness, fun, faith, and life dreams 

Today, I walked early in the morning before I prepared for work. 

The walk awakened a hunger for a less hectic pace in life. 

Because I wanted to take pictures, my fitness walk was less intense than usual. 

I chose to listen to a moderate internal rhythm rather than the heart thumping, artery unclogging, air taking pace that I call my workout.

The workout today involved stopping to see the frames along the way:

In another post I will tell you how reframing my workout impacted my workday.

Consider joining me for this summer reframing project.

What would be the focus of your reframing project?

Hope to see you on the journey!



  1. Re-framing is a powerful tool. It can help us heal.

  2. ooh. good ideas. thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this. will you activate e-mail on your blogger profile? you don't have to make it public, but that way we can continue conversations by e-mail! it is a delightful tool! :) let me know if you have any questions on how... I understand if you have reasons why you don't want to... just sayin' :)

    amy in peru

  3. ooh - a neat take on her prompt! very nice!

  4. Found you via Claire ... I enjoy the way you have presented this.

  5. I'd love to hear more about reframing your workout. May your summer be blessed!

  6. Donna I am so happy that the prompt acted as a catalyst. My own need to change perspectives and mostly expectations in my life led to the prompt as well.

    I wish for you blessing as you take a relook at the important things in your life.

  7. It's a good idea to take a scheduled look at what needs readjusting in our lives. I know I sure need to.
    Enjoyed the last photo the best. The architectural structure of the posts so classic, yet framing a well used wooden picnic bench. Got to think about what that says to me.