Monday, May 31, 2010

Forgiving is for Giving

For several  weeks, thoughts of giving forgiveness bubble up in my mind and heart...and for good reason.

Murmuring has been easy when the workload is heavy and the help is sparse. 

Deep sighs escape frustrated lips as annoying habits resurface.

Blank stares replace aha! moments of creativity.

Then I remember The Key to Everything!

Forgiving is for giving.  Giving keeps my heart softened.

"Forgotten grace breeds unforgiving living." Jack Hayford
Today, I remember endless grace gifts as I give thanks for:

#272  family-filled days of fun and food

#273  father and father-in-law who served in the military for this nation

#274  digging in dirt to make a home for new plants

#275  dancing to the rhythm of love

#276  giving forgiveness - again and again

#277  receiving forgiveness - again and again

#278  lingering conversations after dinner

#279  laughter from the depths of souls

#280  tears falling in empathy

#281  grace, grace, and more grace

holy experience


  1. Donna,
    I love that! Forgiving is for giving. I have never heard that or even thought of that. Thank you for sharing. This is something that I will ponder and meditate on for days this week.
    I join you in gratitude for the one that has taught us about forgiveness and how to give that most special gift of reconciliation!

  2. What a special post this is, Donna. I love the lesson of forgiving is for giving! A lesson that I've been relearning has to do with those deep sighs that escape frustrated lips! I hate it when I hear myself doing that! And I especially liked your #247. Do you get the idea that I also like to dig in the dirt? :) Thanks for sharing! And for stopping by and giving me the gift of encouragement.

  3. Meaningful list Donna. "Forgotten grace . . ." I take for granted so often all He's done for me, inspite of me. I don't want to forget. This list is a wonderful way to remember the grace in our lives.