Monday, May 10, 2010

Love Calling

Being a mother is a gift I cherish.  The memories are still fresh as I recalled the moments when I first saw my children.  Now they are adults, still bringing joyful surprises on Mother's Day.  I squealed with delight when my young adults (who live far away) coordinated a call so that I could speak with them at the same time, despite the challenge of different time zones!  How delightful to experience the privilege of parenting.

I join the  gratitude community today as I continue counting 1000 gifts.  Today, I am grateful for:

#242  the love of my Lord, who taught/teaches me how to love

#243  my beloved husband whose love, wisdom, and commitment multiplied over the years

#244  my children, each one a gift from the Lord

#245  my mother, the one left motherless at such a young age, yet cared for and nurtured by God's hands extended

#246  my mother-in-love, living to give

#247  my true love's laughter, complete with twinkling eyes

#248  a weekend of connecting with Jesus and with 44 lively youth at concerts

#249  facilitating conversations of mother journeys at a middle school  mother/daughter gathering

#250  dear friends who provided the container of support for one another over the years

#251  family - Lord, you grafted me into your family and you gave me family; I am yours!

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  1. Beautiful family and what a sweet fragrance your words of thanksgiving must be to our God. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Come visit any time.

  2. What a handsome family! Beautiful smiles. Is this your son, and did he just graduate from college? I'm assuming this is your daughter. She is just gorgeous!~ Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful post, Donna. Your heart truly and wholeheartedly praising Abba...a sweet fragrance to His nostrils!

    What special children you have that would work out together that phone call they all knew would mean so much to you!

    Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.