Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gratefulness is flowing from my heart...

What a joy it is to come upon a child quietly singing while playing in the spring sun! 

As I intentionally notice the multitude of gifts all around me, I am delighted to note a return to the spontaneous songs that come from my grateful heart. 

Today, I continue joining the Gratitude Community in listing the endless gifts from the Gift Giver, singing thanks for:

#252  walking through the neighborhood

#253  whimsical shutters with bird and moon cutouts

#254  water flowing freely


#255  creative care and provision
  #256  the fragrance of worship

#257  expanding my heart space

#258  knowing him and being known (since college years)

#259  discovery, inside and out

#260  dreaming together

#261 the Lord singing over me

holy experience


  1. Is the "parking meter" really for helping the homeless? What a creative idea!

  2. Yes, Stephani, the meter collects donations for helping the homeless...a wonderful way to lend a hand!

  3. Children singing while playing...precious to you...you finding yourself once again singing spontaneously out of a joyful heart...precious to Him!

    SO enjoyed this post, Donna! I'm just getting around to doing some reading and playing catch up from when I was gone. I'm so glad for the time today to have my soul and spirit refreshed here at the Doorway to Hope!

    Left you notes on the two previous posts to this one, also.