Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome, Lord

A young friend visited the area and stopped by for dinner.  I  knew he was coming with a day's notice.  Ideas for a meal that could be prepared after a work day danced in my head.  So wonderful to have meals frozen for times like this.

He came through the door.  We warmly welcomed him.  Dinner ready; table set; life shared.  We enjoyed the visit.

After the friend left, I pondered:

In what ways do I prepare to welcome the Lord into my everyday life?

Welcoming the Lord:
  • begins each morning as I recognize his new mercies and his faithfulness
  • continues as I sing songs to him as I prepare for the day
  • occurs as I read his words and pray and listen and write
  • includes asking him for help to do the work before me this day
  • enables me to hear his voice and see his face in the people I encounter
  • helps me to speak his words and show his mercy
  • is dynamic and not a formula
  • remains an option, even when I feel defeated or unworthy or tired or blah or...
  • provides an opening for him to abide - stay with me
  • requires my life, my all
Welcome, Lord

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