Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love Endures All Things

Today, my colleague, Teresa, shared with me a book that her sister, Ginda Ayd Simpson, wrote as a tribute to their father who died from Alzheimer's. 

The book, Love Endures All Things: A Journey  with "AL"zheimers, poignantly and graciously tells the story of the "pilfering" that occurs with this disease. 

The words wrap  themselves around the heart and mind.  The paintings feed the eyes with glimpses of the fragmentation of a disease that steals from people cognitively and physically.

As I walk with my mother through episodes of forgetfulness, I am reminded by Ginda that thoughtfulness, a soothing voice, smiles, and "the familiar and healing warmth of human touch" are gifts we can give to our loved ones.

I plan to share the gift of these heart-felt words and descriptive images with families experiencing similar journeys.

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