Monday, December 13, 2010

Grateful for Provision

Teaching 12-13 year old young people on Sundays stretches this soul.

As we seek to learn about Jesus, our Lord, Advent provides step by step learning.

Last week's class began with sharing the Jesse Tree Advent Devotional reading for December 5.  We talked about the Branch that emerged from the root of Jesse.

We talked about Abraham's discovery of the lengths to which God goes to provide for us.  Their assignment for the week was to write 10 things the Lord has provided for them.

On December 12, the class had forgotten to write their lists of provision, but they remembered my promise of a sweet treat.

After teaching two classes, these bones wanted to rest, wondering if the seeds fell on fertile soil.

While gathering my belongings in the quiet, once filled with chatter room, she slowly walked up to me and asked: "What is Advent?  I don't remember."

I answered; we smiled; she left the room...only to return five minutes later.

She opened her rose-colored  Bible and pulled out a folded piece of paper.  "Did you want me to hand in my list of what God provided me?"

My heart broke: she had taken time during the week to write her gratitude list for all the Lord had provided, including:
"my mother and my father"
"sisters and brother"
"a home"

I read each written word - so precious her heart that remembered Him - Jehovah Jireh, the One Who Provides.  Her openness to write her gratitude list encouraged me.

As I remember today, I give thanks for:

#571 young hearts learning to be thankful to the Lord

#572 this older heart awakening anew to the blessing in gratitude

#573 warm homes

#574 curious minds

#575 the team at my workplace

#576 Mama's lilting voice this day

#577 sharing a knowing glance across the room

#578 removing old carpet in the room where youth gather

#579 submitting to the exchange of this old wineskin for a new one

#580 this year's Advent journey

I am thankful that Ann's book has been pre-ordered and will arrive next month!

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