Monday, October 25, 2010

Steadily Thankful

My daughter bought a hybrid car.  Recently, she questioned why the gas mileage fell short of expectations.  As she shared this thought with her wise father, he encouraged her to be mindful of driving a steady speed instead of surging fast and slowing down.

Dear daughter implemented Dad's advice on the road.  She also applied the wisdom to her life, moving steadily through responsibilites during her day, with the result that she accomplished more than usual.

Now I am adopting this wisdom as I remember to remain steady in giving thanks, in being grateful, steadily thankful for...

#482 - 500

loved one home from the hospital and recovering

bevy of pray-ers for this loved one

pansies thriving in flower pots

parsley that keeps giving

dream boosting friends

decluttering my work space

decluttering my mind

listening to the whispers

children dancing and laughing at quinceanera

music that expresses unspoken sentiments

quiet conversations at the end of the evening

helpful surgical consult

surprising sister with gift of connectivity

hope that grows

lingering  conversations after dinner

beautiful sunrises

neck massages

reconnection with family at the end of the workday


Steadily giving thanks with Ann's One Thousand Gifts blog

holy experience

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