Thursday, October 21, 2010

If You're Happy and You Know It...

...happy are the people whose God is the Lord.  Psalm 144:15

While walking in the neighborhood in early October, I stopped to watch a tractor smoothing out over-turned soil.  Summer corn harvested and fall cleaning started.

I viewed the soil turning site as a metaphor for my life this year: under the watchful eyes of the Sovereign Lord (tractor driver), circumstances (the tractor) worked to turn over packed down soil (uncultivated areas of my heart) in me.

That revelation seemed neat and pretty in theory.  Wouldn't you know it - this metaphor played out in real life!

The story is way too long to spill out on this page, however, the abridged version follows.

I read a scripture last week in Isaiah 7:9b: "If you do not stand firm in your faith, you won't stand at all."  Sounds reasonable, right?

Well, before the day was done, a loved one was in the hospital far away from where I live.  I kept tabs by telephone on how the health problem progressed...or didn't.

By the second day of the hospitalization, I thought I should go and offer assistance (you know, being the nurse on duty).

For a number of reasons, I could not travel to the hospital.  One of the reasons came from inside my heart.  I needed to trust God to provide what was needed through others geographically closer to my loved one.

What?!!  I couldn't go and make sure the care was appropriate and prayers were offered regularly at the bedside?

It was touch and go for a while - with the patient and with my heart.

I gradually leaned on the truth that the Sovereign Lord had the patient and me covered in His loving and merciful hands.  

I learned in this instance to be still and trust God's process.  My trust and faith increased in the One who was so near...the Love that vanquished my fear. 

I began to relax.  I kept in close contact with the helpers helping my loved one.  I provided consultation as needed. 

Today, I smile at the progress over the week: a body being healed and a soul being healed.  I am grateful; I am growing.  I am happy. 
He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.  Psalm 112:7
Keeping it real with the Faith Barista this jamming Thursday!

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