Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zooming to the Bottom

Claire's current photoplay stretched me taut. 

Using the close up camera feature: new to me. 

Focusing on the bottom of a bowl and a square serving dish: new to me.

But like the long, luxurious stretches at the end of an exercise session, this stretch left me sighing - I want to learn more about capturing on camera what I see with my eyes.

For now, I am zooming to the bottom.


  1. I have to smile Donna. Do you know how many times I have photographed the bootomof glasses and bowls?

    There is something about their texture. They are somehow hypnotising in the pearly, swirling appearance.

  2. Your smile makes me smile. Thanks for the opportunity to look inside the bowl, Claire!

  3. sorry it has taken me forever to look at these..

    I love that view, how intriguing.
    I must try that!