Monday, September 6, 2010

Age of Opportunity

My husband and I shared in the celebration of a special friend''s 13th birthday.  As a group of us spoke blessings over Kay for this new journey, she beamed like the candle lights on her cake.  What a great Age of Opportunity for Kay and her parents.

I reminisced about the times when my adult children began their journeys toward adulthood. 

When our daughter was 13, we encouraged her to begin to ask the Lord for direction for various aspects of her life as we also inquired of the Lord.  Her faith grew as she learned to hear and heed the voice of God.

On our son's 13th birthday, I moved out of my spot opposite my husband at the dining room table.  My son took that spot while I moved to where he sat to eat since he was a little boy.  This growing young man moved into a new position in the natural to match his new position spiritually.  He learned many aspects of being a man of God from his father.

My thanks are plentiful as I continue to reflect on the opportunity to impact the lives of teens.  I am thankful for:


my husband's consistent, loving, and faith-filled parenting

a daughter who walks in faith

a son who appreciates the worth of prayer

parents who provided foundations for growth

teens with whom we relate on a regular basis

friends who helped me grow as a parent

helpful and faith-filled parenting examples

wise words from  the Word

grace upon grace from the Father

books that inform, teach, and challenge

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  1. We had coming of age celebrations for our boys when they turned 13. They were moements that were very important to our family, toward their spiritual growth and direction. We shouldnt allow our children to aways remain 'children.' it's just not healthy and is definitely not Gods plan

  2. I agree with you. Parents help children enter into adulthood. Coming of age celebrations mark that special transition.