Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poised and Ready

She sat regally on the bench waiting for the bus.  The teal colored pillbox hat perched lightly on her head as the wispy netting grazed her forehead, shielding sparse eyebrows.  She stared straight ahead with deep concentration.  Her wrinkled hands held tightly to the worn, brown leather purse.  Brown age spots dotted the tops of her hands as the veins swelled like tributaries from a mighty river.  A long, silver car slowly approaching the bus stop stopped.  Unfolding himself from the driver's seat, a tall, thin man emerged.  He began walking toward her.  Her unblinking eyes flinched momentarily, squinting as the man approached.  He nodded his head slightly; her face creased with an ever-widening smile.  He offered her his arm.  She rose from the bench, walked to the car, and entered the door that opened to receive her.  She sat poised and ready.  Her son sighed with relief; he found her.

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