Monday, September 20, 2010

Preparing the Way

He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.  Psalm 50:23
What to do when a season for the reframing project comes to an end and so much remains unheard.  Like a door opening to a fall, my heart and my head brace for the next season.

I spent a weekend in the mountains with pen and paper poised, ready to write the wise words He would speak.  I watched and I waited; the words absent on the pages.

I waited and I watched.  The words began to form from my lips, not His.

The thank offerings spilled out word upon word as I beheld beauty and provision, celebration and quiet, salvation and purpose.

I continue to speak out loud thank offerings to my Creator, my Lord, as I move into a new season. 

Thank offerings honor the Lord and prepare the way for salvation.

Thankful words pour from my lips to His ears.


enjoying crisp, cool nights

sleeping in warm beds

eating apple and cranberry pie after a hike

crackling yellow and brown leaves underfoot

seeing red, brown, green, yellow tree leaves on display

watching a shimmering lake

catching sun burning off fog

joining in laughter and listening in a cabin

hearing God through the voice of a mother and a father

hearing God through the voice of a two-year old boy

experiencing wedding celebration in three languages

connecting heart to heart in a quiet moment

meeting a majestic moose on the night road

sharing goods and foods and friends in common

hearing reports of generous-hearted teens

bonding time away with daughter

giving language to emotions

acting on compassionate feelings

understanding more of the heart of God

repenting for smallness of my heart

opening to a more excellent way

You may wish to pave a path of thank offerings with the Gratitude Community at Ann's blog

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