Saturday, August 21, 2010

Place Matters

While vacationing in Virginia, my husband and I came a cross the Gilmore Farm.  On the farm is the restored home of George Gilmore, a former slave at Montpelier who lived there with his wife Polly and their family.

George Gilmore built the house in the aftermath of emancipation  from slavery.  This small one and a half story home provided shelter for a family busy with farming. 

 The tall (6'4") Mr. Gilmore would have had to bend over to walk about the single room on the first floor.
After living in a slave cabin with much less room, I think Mr. Gilmore would not mind bending to walk about the home he built for his freed family.  Place matters; a place to lay your head after a long day among crops.

Place matters; a place to share meals and play time with family. 

Place matters; the warmth from a fire you built for food and family - for living and learning...

I have lived in several homes in my adult life.  With each move, making a home involved more than brick and mortar preparation - hearts ultimately make homes...

Place matters - my heart home influences the atmosphere in my physical home.

I am yielding to the Master Builder as my place (my heart) continues to be built.  Place matters.

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