Monday, August 23, 2010

Brimming Over with Hope

May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace.  so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope!  Romans 15:13 (The Message)
Ten days after my daughter arrived in this world, her pediatrician contacted me to say she may have have a genetic disorder that  prevents the breakdown of milk sugar.  I had to stop nursing her immediately because the very substance I viewed as nourishment could harm her.

My husband and I purchased the special formula that would replace Mommy's milk.  We asked for prayer from our church family. Along with our daughter, we underwent genetic testing. 

The results: no genetic disorder!!  Our hopes and dreams came true!

Fast forward almost three years later.  I am pregnant.  My doctor orders a blood test.  I test positive for the trait of a different genetic disorder.  My husband gets the test; he, too, tests positive.  We prayed throughout the pregnancy.  We hoped throughout the pregnancy.

Ten days after my son arrives in this world, the pediatrician contacted me to announce that my son definitely had a genetic disorder that affected  his blood. 

We asked for prayer from our church family.  Our son underwent additional testing.

The result: the genetic disorder indeed existed in our son's body.  Our hopes and dreams fell in our laps.

Over the years, challenges came and so did victories.  Over the years hope grew - first small glimmers.  Perspective changed; I learned to savor moments rather than lament over possibilities.

I learned that I could not create hope just with my hands, my mouth, or my thoughts - for me or my family.

The powerful presence of  the Holy Spirit enabled our believing lives to brim over with hope!

I am brimming over with hope as I reflect on the Good God's Grace gifts:

#383 -400

young adult daughter living out God's destiny with grace

young adult son persevering and living out God's destiny with appreciation

husband loving, serving,  giving, living passionately and wisely

Lisa dreaming, building, and advancing in her life's purpose

Jennifer dreaming, building, and advancing in her life's purpose

Alicia dreaming, building, and advancing in her life's purpose

Joy dreaming, building, and advancing in her life's purpose

Dream-boosting group monthly calls

Reviving joy in creating photographs

Hearing of friend's successful surgery and recuperation

Sharing dinner with friends

Surprising friend on her birthday

Stopping to watch children playing

Sitting and reading in the quiet

Worshiping with uncluttered mind and heart

Swallowing deeply the truths in Romans

Receiving grace for the day

Slowing down long enough to see butterflies flitting over flowers

I wrote this post as part of Ann's Multitude Mondays 1000 Gifts.

How is hope manifested in your life?


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  1. "Perspective changed; I learned to savor moments rather than lament over possibilities."....Love the way you've chosen these words, Donna. That is exactly where I am at right now...savoring those moments. Thank you for the encouragement I found here today...encouragement in HOPE.

  2. Thanks for sharing especailly the answers to prayer! I could not agree more that it is the power of the Holy Spirit that helps us to remain hopeful .... I just love that we can agree over blogs on this from many miles away. Have a hopeful day in the Lord Donna!

  3. Dianna, thank YOU for such encouraging words. I join you in savoring moments.

    Beth, thank you for visiting today. It is a blessing to agree across the miles. With hope...

  4. Donna what a blessing to have grown children who love the Lord. I know they are thankful they ever came under the gospel of Christ. I'm so thankful for hope, the hope that Jesus gives.