Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hands at Work

I stand amazed at the perseverance, wit, and skill of my co-worker, Miriam.  This week, we celebrated her 93rd birthday with a party at the office.  Yes, I said 93!  She has 46 years of service in the agency. 


I was in the mood for freeze framing life, so I asked Miriam if I could take photos of her hands at work.  She graciously let me into her space - hands at work...

Miriam says we are her second family.  She regals us with witty words.  She remembers our families by name and events.  I needed to capture the moment; capture the hands at work. 

Happy Birthday, Miriam; so glad you were born!!

With joy,

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  1. 93 and still at the office? Wow. I hope I do that well as I age!