Thursday, August 5, 2010

31 Years, One Flavor

31 Years, One Flavor

Covenant made 31 years ago;
Young man and young woman pledged love so true
Living out marriage vows, how could we know?
With each blessing and each sorrow love grew.

Within six short years our love multiplied;
Rachel and Marques arrived bringing joy.
Now mother and father teamed to provide;
Nurture and teaching to our girl and boy.

The years seemed to quickly move us along;
We laughed and we cried and sometimes stretched far.
We promised to stay and right any wrong;
The fruit of our love no trouble could mar.

Thank you, dear Reggie, my gift from above;
Thirty-one years with one flavor, our love.


  1. Awww, Donna, what a special tribute to your hubby and the 31 years of life you've shared together. Absolutely beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

    I notice the silo in the background. Do you and your husband farm?

  2. Thank you Dianna and Stephani!
    Dianna, we were visiting a restaurant located on a farm. We enjoy the beauty of farms without the hard work it takes to maintain them.