Monday, August 9, 2010

Free to Be

While visiting Monticello, Montpelier, and the Gilmore Farm, the reality of the cost of freedom glared before me.   Choices made; consequences paid.

The ultimate price, the Ultimate Life,  sacrificed for freedom.  Love lied bleeding; rose victorious...leaving us free to be...


"It  is for freedom that Christ has set us free...  Galatians 5:1

I rejoice and give thanks that Freedom rings:

#363 - 372

from the depths of my soul set free by Grace

in my spirit made alive by Love

in the laughter of a baby walking for the first time

in the heart of a child who no longer fears

in ringlets of curls covering the head

as we serve one another

when loving our neighbors as ourselves

as fruit of the Spirit fills the heart

as we keep in step with the Spirit

when I choose to yield to My Father

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  1. Donna, what a precious post you've given us to ponder. I know that all too often I go about my day without ever pondering exactly what the freedom I have in this country has cost others. Thank you for the gentle nudging.

  2. Thank you for visiting, Dianna. I must admit the trip to Virginia unleashed a deeper depth of "freedom thinking." Freedom comes at a price.

  3. What an amazing story this man has. I would like to visit this place. It tells of freedom yet, it also tells of the determination to work hard and make the life you dream of. He didn't wait for this success to come to him or for someone to give it to him, he created it with his own two hands.

  4. Stephani, I think you would enjoy visiting these historic sites. The determination to work hard to accomplish a dream is palable in the farm house.