Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Capturing What Counts

"It is always so good to be in the arms of family...the roots are deep there."  Linda
My friend Linda wrote these words as she shared the joy of visiting  family for an extended time this summer.

Summer found me intentionally spending focused time with my mother, who turns 86 this month.  She lives in her own apartment and enjoys her neighborhood.  I am learning that my presence is the present she wants.

You may understand why Linda's statement resonated with me.  Being in the arms of family calls to mind the roots that influence my life.  My mother is so special to me, to many.  She gave me roots and wings.

Her mother died when my mother was 7 tender years old; her father died when she was a still maturing 14 year old.  I marvel at the grace of God that allows this woman, who spent only a short time with her mother, to be called Mom or Grandma to so many more than those she gave birth to or their offspring. The one who lost her mother early in life became that which she longed for herself - a mother.

So, it was with joy that I read Claire's Freeze Framing Life photoplay project.  The picture below freezes a moment with my mother (on the left) and my mother in law chatting away the hours.  This photo captures what counts: relationship with the ones who nurtured and encouraged - and who still do.

Mama and Mom-in-law


  1. "in the arms" is just so so so expressive.

    to be held by love, is it not?

  2. Indeed, Claire. "In the arms" is to be held by love.

  3. oh, this gets me . for many reasons.
    thank you, Donna,
    and bless your mom.