Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reframing Rest: Energy Monitor

Today, I enjoyed a visit with a dear friend.  We chatted; we laughed; we prayed; we listened; we encouraged one another.   As we shared life and laughter, I felt rested. 

After the visit, energy bubbled up in my mind and body.  I completed chores with ease.

Rest refreshes...

This summer, as I intentionally balance work with rest,  worry and hurry decrease.

Keri Wyatt Kent in her book breathe: Creating  space for God in a hectic life, asks:

"Does your life have rhythm?  Does it flow or move in fits and starts?"

In recent months, the rhythm of my life has flowed in fits and starts - busy work days; busier evenings, busiest weekends.  With fresh energy,  a new rhythm emerges  for me: work, rest, work, rest...

To help maintain this rhythm, I initiated the use of an energy monitor.

My energy monitor:
"...ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will  find rest for your souls..."  Jer. 6:16
What is your flow of life?  How do you find rest?


  1. After I read this verse I just say here and read it over and over again, letting it sink in. ". . . . and walk in it. . . " That's the part I want to remember.

  2. Stephani, I agree with 'walk in it', that is, the good way, is a primary goal of my journey. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.