Monday, July 12, 2010

Dripping with Gratitude

As heavy raindrops soak the parched earth, I am reminded of my thirst for Mercy drops from the Fountain of Life.  The Fountain is always present; however, I am sometimes in the shadows, sometimes in the bright light.  In any case, Mercy drops fall - new every morning, bubbling from the Fountain.  I am dripping with gratitude...

Have you ever been soaked in a summer downpour of rain?  I have been soaked in summer rain.  Every part of me drips - from head to feet.  Today, I am dripping with gratitude...

 Today, I am dripping with gratitude for:

#302 - 311

visits from adult children - such joy!

completed book chapter -  finally!

evening walk with my husband - a treat!

meeting up with dear friends - long time coming!

a  soaking bath - soothing!

gift of presence when grief arrives  - so needed!

Sunday nap - refreshing!

reframing project - enlightening!

mother/daughter shopping day - lovely!

morning glories - faithfully appearing!

 Still dripping with thanks:

#312 - 321

Son calling

Mama visiting

Children soaking

Voices singing

Pages turning

Friends sharing

Sun shining

Rain falling

Mercy giving

Grace receiving

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  1. Oh my, you're all wet!

    Mentioned you and linked back to your blog in today's post at the Moonboat. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I like your list, especially those pictures! lol


  3. Your gratitude list is beautiful, Donna. I always enjoy what you are grateful for. It really is about fine tuning us to the ordinary ways He shows us His love, isn't it?

    Thanks so much for sharing.