Monday, July 26, 2010

Desert Doorway

This summer season finds me seeking more - reading more - calling for more time with God...

The increased time came in unexpected ways.  I am reading through the Psalms and lamenting, that is worshiping and found myself feeling the heat...the the desert...

So, what comes to my mind and to my spirit?  I remember:
He will lead me into the desert and speak tenderly to me.  He forgives and restores.  He makes the valley of trouble a door of hope.  There I will sing as I did when I was young, when I was recognized my freedom.  Hosea 2:14-15 

The troubled areas of my life cannot keep me from entering the place of hope.  I am walking through the door - singing the care-free song of a child: God is so good!!

In joy, I share the glimpses of grace gifts given by the Good God whose Mercy endures forever!!

#333 - 352

a musical date night with my dear husband

joyful voice of son from afar as he creates

gracious and encouraging words from daughter so near

repotting lanky and heat weary plants

picking a pair of peppers

nurturing hope in the midst of the desert

family birthdays coming in multiples

all grace abounding

clarity and calm in chaos

promise of rest

planning and dreaming time

calls from afar rejoicing in answered prayer

grilling in the evening air

mercy-filled mornings

wisdom upon request

willing helping hands and minds - thank you!!

sauteed squash with sweet onions

stretching body and stretching mind and stretching spirit

listening to Words of Life - on the computer!

redemptive and restorative perspective

holy experience


  1. Wonderful list Donna. ~ "Grilling in the evening air" brings the scent of grilled steaks to my nose!

  2. What a very special list of gratitude gifts, Donna. "clarity and calm in chaos"...that is where I want to be some day. Thanks so much for sharing.