Monday, April 11, 2011

Transformation: How Butterflies Inspire Stillness

"Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you sit down quietly, may alight upon you."–Nathaniel Hawthorne
I enjoy watching butterflies.  Since my teen years, butterflies captured my attention.

The process of metamorphosis - the extraordinary change from caterpillar to butterfly intrigues me.

Over time, since I entered the process of spiritual transformation - metanoia - at  age 14, butterflies remind me that I am still in process, still being transformed.

I began this year with the goal of increasing time sitting still in the presence of the Lord.  This goal has been elusive - my mind jogs ahead at a steady pace with reminders of what needs to be done.

When I saw Hawthorne's quote last month, I stopped in mid-thought. 

What would it be like to still my mind (even  more so than my body) so that I can hear more clearly?

Lent offers me a mind stilling pause as I ponder the transforming grace of God who provided the Way to know Life.  As I sit quietly, transformation comes and with transformation comes gratitude.

I open my heart and mind to record a multitude of thanks this day for:

#831 - 850

sitting still and being present

book pages turning

juicy green kiwis

sparking lemonade

observing comraderie between 93 year old Miriam and 2 year old Kaiden

fragrant and tasty pineapple

Mama's laughter

Shirley's determination

Delores' life and nurturing influence

Reggie's help with the floors

Rachel's loyalty and hospitality

dinner with Barbara

MGM's ability to live now

breathing deeply and blowing bubbles

habit-forming gratitude

newly planted burgundy and yellow pansies

purple pansies that survived the winter

dinner and conversation with young married couples

hope as an anchor

new beginnings

Writing and counting gifts with the community of thanks-givers.

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