Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Counting Thanks - Receiving Freedom

I excitedly slipped on the black pantsuit with black satin collar and lapels trimmed jacket.  My daughter arranged for a wonderful evening of music at the Cathedral.  
As we approached our destination, I exited the car while she parked.  I stood still for a moment as I remembered the many times we gathered in this lovely building to hear this same daughter singing with choral groups and change ringing the huge bells in the tower.

I waited and remembered.  While waiting, I rehearsed in my mind the many gifts in my life. When I think of God's goodness to my family over the years, I give thanks. 

I remember how as a young girl and young adult, fears silenced my voice.  But the gift of Life given and received brought freedom. That freedom silenced the fears and released my voice.

As I watched my daughter approaching me in the lobby, I smiled at the grace that brought us to this place years before - and I prepare my heart to give thanks and receive freedom for God's gift of Life through Jesus Christ.

With the Gratitude Community, I write down the thanks that I give to the Gift Giver and Redeemer:

#821 - 830

dear daughter gifting me with an evening of Lenten songs by the Christ Church Boys Choir

dear son's gift of presence for a few hours while on travel for work

yet another lovely evening of music with gifted musicians - a gift from my dear husband

breakfast with my dear friend just before she left for a writer's retreat

a new song in my heart - a song of thanksgiving

forgiveness and freedom from the Lord - available every moment of every day

counting 1000 gifts = a thousand tongues to sing His praise

a new camera! (thank you my love)

chatting with six month old twin girls (and their grateful parents)

letting go of my own understanding - more and more by grace
Oh, thank God—he's so good! His love never runs out.  All of you set free by God, tell the world! Tell how he freed you from oppression... Psalm 107:1-3
This is part of my story of thanksgiving and freedom - what is your story?

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