Friday, April 1, 2011

How to Spring into Transformation

I've got the life of God in  me, the power that made all the universe with just a word has come to live in me abundantly.  I've got the life of  God in me.  Jack Hayford
April is one of my favorite months.  I enjoy the rain showers, newly planted flowers, and additional daylight.

Spring is also a time when the winter doldrums can turn into spring fever.  In those times, it is difficult to stay focused on day to day responsibilities.

Jack Hayford, in  Moments with Majesty, gives  three suggestions for springing forward when we are weary of spirit, soul and body:
  1. "Plan a break and have a blast."  Relax on purpose - take time to enjoy activities outdoors.
  2. "Budget time to keep two spring cleaning promises."   Be it cleaning the garage or clearing out a junk drawer, choose two - only two - chores that will ignite freshness and accomplishment.
  3. "Get up early with Jesus...even if it is only fifteen minutes before your usual roll-out time."  One sure way to stay focused and spring into transformation is to spend time in the presence of the Lord
Got any other spring transformation tips to share?

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