Monday, March 14, 2011

Vision Screening: What Do You See Today?

I am very nearsighted - myopic in vision.  Since the age of nine, I have used visual aids to help with seeing clearly in the distance. 

Last week, I visited my eye doctor for a routine exam.  She checked all the facets of my vision and asked me questions. 

The news that my use of monovision contact lenses impaired depth perception surprised me!   We discussed options.  I ordered a pair of glasses to wear with my contact lenses while driving or sitting in an auditorium so that I can add depth perception to my vision.

My thoughts turned to my visual acuity spiritually.  

Am I myopic or can I see into the distance?  Sometimes yes- sometimes no.

One habit that helps me to see freshly, to see with new vision is giving thanks... I join the thankful throng on Multitude Mondays giving thanks for gifts - many gifts...

#771   juicy sweet cara cara oranges

#772   sharing oranges at home, work, and with Mama

#773   tea time

#774   laughter in the office

#775   warm, sudsy dishwater

#776   moonlight through the windows

#777   restful sleep

#778   ginger scented candles

#779   driving dear Mama

#780   jump ropes

#781   orange ginger lotion

#782   eyeglasses and contact lenses

#783   sun peeking out from clouds

#784   tenacious Mama

#785   loving and faith-filled husband

#786   gracious and beautiful daughter

#787   intrepid and life-embracing son

#788   pray-ers to help when crashing collisions occur

#789   medical missions team in Argentina

#790   Lord, my Vision

What are you seeing today?

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