Monday, March 21, 2011

Remembering to Rejoice - Rejoicing as I Remember

Another hospitalization of one so dear who lives so far away;
Ready to run with help; held back by dear one saying, 'no - not now.'
Fighting back familiar enemies - fear and uncertainty;
Wrestling to sputter out trust and faith and love.

A whispering voice reminding me: "Remember..."
I remembered: awe of conception; miracle of birth;
sadness with diagnosis; comforting grace;
living fully in spite of; disappointments at times;

Loving Presence always;
Always Loving Presence.
Remembering to rejoice came
As I rejoiced while remembering.
The works of the Lord are great, studied  by all who have pleasure in them.  His work is honorable and glorious, and His righteousness endures forever.  He has made His wonderful works to be remembered;  the Lord is gracious and full  of compassion.  Psalm 111:2-4
Today, I remember to count gifts with the Gratitude Community as I await news of healing.

#791 - 810

pain meds that work

opportunities to grow at work

hot tears melting a cool heart

Earl Grey tea with lime juice

warmth from sun-baked windows

love note on the door

smell of apple sour cream cake baking

new contact lenses

new eyeglasses

road trip to conference with a friend

purple and white crocuses peeking from the ground

sunshine with raindrops

stately church steeple

toes rubbing soft blanket

waking up refreshed

daffodil-filled vase

tasty dinner prepared by husband

lunch time walk

warm pea soup

borrowed books from the library

How are you remembering to rejoice?

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