Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Transformed by Gratitude

Sometimes my attitude, like cold, harsh, bitter winter winds, has a way of dulling my eyes, ears, and extremities.  I knew what I needed when the whining voice inside worked hard to derail my goal of giving joyful thanks.

In the Word and in the words, I found transforming messages that thawed my heart, that warmed my hands and feet, that opened my ears to new sounds.

With renewed vision, I see gifts; I hear grace; I touch life; I walk without fainting.

My attitude of gratitude opens up on this cold, winter day to:

#652  waking up rested and ready

#653  memorizing Colossians with renewed vigor

#654  shedding the bent to worry

#655  sharing laughter

#656  sharing heartache

#657  finding joy in Anne Shirley's words

#658  understanding impact of a global heart through the Word and Radical

#659  seeing daughter's eyes light up with plans to hear Faure's Requiem

#660  hearing of son's golfing plans

#661 worshiping with a 16 month old

Hopefully, your week will resound with gratitude.  Gratitude transforms!

A chorus of thankful voices can be heard at A Holy Experience (and, oh, it is!)

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