Monday, February 28, 2011

Open Wide and Say Ah!

I moved to a different office space in December. Leaning against a wall in the office rested several framed items that had yet to be hung.

Two weeks ago, a new co-worker offered to hang the one remaining picture. How gracious, I replied. I told her that I would be out of the office for the next two days, which may be a good time to hammer in the nail.

On Friday, as I was packing up to leave for home, I looked up and saw the picture hanging on the wall!

A week had come and gone without me noticing the results of the gracious gift my co-worker gave.

I wonder how often my eyes miss the gifts around and in me.

Health care providers request a wide open mouth to see what is inside. Today, I open wide my eyes and say Ah! to gifts, so many gifts, such as:

#711 a new picture on the wall
#712 colleagues at work
#713 lavender oil at bedtime

#714 a friend's delicious gumbo made for my family
#715 sharing life updates with a friend

#716 delivering small gifts to a friend departing on a medical mission
#717 visiting with Mama - hearing her heart
#718 listening to the China Anhui Traditional Orchestra on Friday evening
#719 hamstring stretches
#720 library books

#721 freshly cleaned linens on the bed
#722 airport pick-up
#723 thirty-one years of shared memories
#724 comfort for loved one in hospital - again
#725 awareness

#726 preparing meals for the freezer with a friend
#727 laundry completed - for now
#728 new song to sing

#729 celebrating a milestone
#730 writing notes to friends

#731 notes from friends
#732 renewed vision

#733 pilates
#734 afternoon nap
#735 watching horses graze

#736 warm blankets
#737 Earl Grey tea
#738 toast with jam

#739 hope as an anchor
#740 black tights

Open wide and say - Ah! with the Gratitude Community...
With eyes wide open,



  1. 732. Renewed vision ... love it ... I've missed seeing you at Ann's. Good to be counting with you. And your theme Transformation ... love that too! Have a great day in the Lord! Blessings, Beth

  2. Donna, that's a great story about how we miss those little-great things around us. ~ Does lavender oil help you sleep? I'm just wondering because I have insomnia and really trying to work on it. ~ You're a blessing and it's always good to read your insight!

  3. Noticing is absolutely the key to joy. God has been giving to us all along. We have to stop and see it.