Saturday, November 20, 2010

Walk this Way

Over the years, my mother's solid and purposeful footsteps formed an indelible memory in my mind.  I enjoyed walks with her when I was young...walking to a bus stop, a store...

My mother's footsteps - rapid and firm - have changed only slightly in her latter years.

I visited my mother last week.  She appeared at the front door of her apartment as I approached.  She smiled as she said: "I heard your footsteps; they sound just like mine."

My daughter visited Grandma today.  As she approached the apartment, Grandma opened the door and said: "Oh, I heard your footsteps.  You walk just like me and just like your mother."

In recent weeks, my mother's steps have slowed considerably.  My heart deeply feels that change. 

At the end of our phone call today, Mama said: "Pray for me." 

I whispered: "I do, Mama; I do."

Thank you, Lord, that my mother taught me to walk this way.

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