Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Putting My Foot Down

The news passed me by; the conversation was closed until I happened to ask a question.  Oh well, no  big deal or so I thought.

The familiar feeling of rejection washed over me like a cold wind. 

Thoughts swirled out of control like leaves dancing in the wind.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"Maybe I did not reach out to connect often enough."

Then, I remembered what I learned long ago as a new bride: When thoughts swirl out of control, I can put my foot down, just the way I put my foot down on the playground while going round and round and  round on the merry  go round. 

The swirling stops when I out my foot down.

When I put my foot down, I determine where the thoughts go and how long they linger.

What does it look like to put my foot down?  I give thanks to God!
O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned so long ago.  Isaiah 25:1
Today, I give thanks for:

#511 my mother's eagerness to share recipes

#512 rice pudding (Mama's recipe) warm from the oven

#513 standing in the kitchen chatting with my daughter who cooks.very.well

#514 learning cooking tips from my daughter

#515 speaking with my son after his work assignment

#516 learning grilling tips from my son

#517 dreaming with my husband

#518 candles that give fragrance and light

#518 the Light that gives joy and strength

#519 grace to be and to do

#520 walking to the mailbox with the late autumn sun beaming on my face

#521 teaching a young friend to make chili, then sharing the meal together

#522 pretty purple pansies standing tall in the container

#523 thought-stopping tools

#524 warm and fragrant apple cake fresh from the oven

#525 newly organized desk

#526 sitting in the stands with my husband watching college basketball

#527 quick recovery from disappointment

#528 dinner with a dear friend

#529 visiting with two pastors who positively influenced my life over the years

#530 celebrating John's life with his family and friends

#531 growing in giving thanks

#532 generations: family by birth, family by marriage, and family made by love

#533 songs of freedom; songs of deliverance

#534 His mercy; His faithfulness

#535 His Word - fresh daily bread

#536 BSF and friends (YC, Debbie, Stephani) who shared this resource with me

#537 encouragement received and given

#538 understanding and wisdom from my husband

#539 long neighborhood walks

#540 Ann's encouragement to be thankful.always

Happy Thanks!

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