Monday, November 8, 2010

10 Steps into Joy

Since the calendar moved forward to November, whispers of gratitude echo in my senses.  The whispers multiplied this month, in part because I gave myself space to see, smell, hear, touch, and taste His goodness.

Steps to deeper joy begin with one word of thanks.  Gratitude grows; joy takes hold; I am transformed, and so I go step by step into joy through the doorway of thanksgiving.

Step # 501: thankful to have legs and arms that still dance for Him

Step # 502: grateful for the crock pot that cooks while I'm out of the home

Step # 503: deeply inhaling the fragrance of scallion and jalapeno embellished cornbread fresh from the oven

Step # 504: thankful for ears to hear mother's heart as she bares her soul

Step # 505: grateful for the sure, strong, loving touch of my husband's hands
Step # 506: eyes dance with appreciation for the beauty of the earth

Step # 507: taste buds drool with delight bite after bite of golden delicious treat

Step # 508: lips pour out gratitude for life, salvation, grace, mercy...

Step # 509: thankful for growth that continues - He will complete the work

Step # 510: believing, receiving, giving Love's love

Steps into joy begin with my heart of thanks.  You may want to step over to Ann's place to share your gratitude list today.

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