Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thoughts on Falling Leaves

I stood outside this morning watching leaves fall from multi-colored trees. The  briskly blowing wind hastened the free fall of leaves.  

The beauty of vibrant hues on once green leaves evokes deep memories of:
  • losing a house key while walking home from elementary school; I searched for  the key in piles of leaves well until after the sun went down
  • walking through leaves on my high school grounds on the way to the bus stop for the long.ride.home.
  • attending leaf raking parties in the fall at the Lambs' home with plentiful leaves, chili, friends, and fun
  • kicking through leaves while traveling from one class to the next on the college campus
  • watching my children jumping into tall piles of leaves in the back yard after raking with mom and dad
  • knowing that falling leaves heralds a season of preparation
What do falling leaves bring to your memory?

Falling leaves also remind me of fallen seeds.  My friend John died last week. He taught me, taught many about God as our Father and us as God's sons. The lessons learned and applied transformed my life. I thank God for John's life; he planted many seeds.  I pray for comfort for John's wife, children, and grandchildren.

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