Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Please Sir, may I have some more?

One of my favorite books from childhood, Oliver Twist, implanted hope in my heart at an early age.  Oliver's sincere and open heart remained, even as he experienced tough
times and harsh treatment.  Oliver's caretaker sold him into evil hands all because he asked for more food.

As a child, I lived a timid existence - afraid to speak up and ask questions. As I grew to understand who I am in  all  aspects of my being: physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, I noticed that hope can exist in my heart even when life circumstances turn my insides upside down!

Years ago, I learned from Habakkuk to ask the Lord questions.  He moved from asking two questions (a bit of complaining included) and waiting for the Lord's response.  Life did not magically get better for Habakkuk (it didn't for Oliver either).

However, hearing God's response brought a prayer to Habakkuk's lips and a resolve to rejoice in the Lord no matter what was happening around him.

Recently, when life circumstances turned my insides upside down; when my understanding of situations left me perplexed, I remembered to ask for what I needed.

Please, Lord, may I have some more peace, wisdom, strength?

I sat back and waited and experienced joy while waiting.  Amazing that Grace, isn't He?

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  1. That is a new way to look at asking God for blessing - "May I please have some more." Thank you for this reminder!