Friday, July 8, 2011

Unstuck and Digging Anew

During the last two weeks of May this year, I took advantage of a family trip to schedule whitespace time for me (as defined by the Faith Barista).  I felt depleted and parched. The moments of spiritual rest - unhurried time with the Lord- restored my weary soul.

While in  the UK, I heard a sermon titled Wells Old and New that focused on the story of Isaac unstopping old and digging new wells.  As I thought about wells, I recognized that I am in a new season of life (age-wise) and I must dig new wells - new habits, renewed focus, expanded trust with corresponding actions in the presence of the Lord began the process.

As I sat with these thoughts, the words of Isaiah 12 played over and over again on my internal iPod. Within those words resided well unstopping and digging instructions for me in this season:
  1. Praise God - every day - throughout the day
  2. Trust and do not be afraid
  3. Recognize the Lord as my strength and my song
  4. Joyfully draw water from the wells of salvation - He is my salvation!
  5. Give thanks to the Lord
  6. Call out to the Lord
  7. Tell people what the Lord has done
  8. Proclaim His exalted name out loud
  9. Sing for joy
Since returning to my daily routines, I am more  aware of my wells that are unstopped and new wells being dug - this is a daily process.  Throughout the day I draw water from the well...and out of me living water flows...


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