Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Picture - Many Takes

While strolling from room to room in the National Gallery (London), I entered an exhibit titled: Take One PictureThe painting, Tobias and the Angel, provided a cross-curricular focus for primary grade students to creatively develop works of art using the story from the painting.

The exhibit awakened  my senses as I moved around the room:  my eyes moved from one object to another.  I touched textile creations.  I heard music inspired by the painting.  I saw elegantly crafted fish and squares of colors that mimicked the colors and patterns in the painting.

A large metal sculpture made from scraps testified of the blending of science and art as interpreted and fashioned by students.

While slowly moving from one piece to another, my memories of the American Studies course from my junior year in high school flooded my mind.  The course spanned the period from 1700 - 1950.  The cross curricular plan made the course alive for me.  We studied the history, literature, art and music of each time period simultaneously throughout the school year.  The course was challenging in many ways.  It was also one of the most interesting and life-changing method of learning I had ever known. 

I still enjoy learning a topic across various disciplines. 

What is your favorite way to learn?

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