Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Lovely Day

Today, I woke up with work and other responsibilities on my mind.  Then the words of the Psalmist bubbled up and over my lips.  I knew it would be a lovely day, no matter what came my way.

The Psalmist wrote:
Surprise us with love at daybreak;
then we'll skip and dance all the long.    Psalm 90:14

Today, I share my gratitude to the Lord for His indescribable gifts, which include:

#132   maintaining peace in the midst of chaos on the road leading home

#133   discovering and reading Everyday Miracles, a book written by dear Karen who is now in heaven (Katie, thank you for posting the book!)

#134   remembering, with joy, Saturday's date night and wordless expressions of connectedness

#135   hearing son's pleasure when he gives an update on school and career

#136   planning afternoon tea and conversation over the telephone with daughter

#137   sharing deep conversations with friends that touch the soul

#138   dancing to the rhythm of my heart

#139   singing the song that Love placed inside me

#140   enjoying the opportunity to provide food for the body and nourishment for the soul

#141   experiencing His new mercies each morning and His faithfulness every night

Thank you, Lord...

holy experience

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! And I'm so glad to know that Mom's little book blessed you. Sometimes I wonder if it is still getting found. But God knows.