Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What to do when words are few

I have lived busy moments, but over the past two weeks moments became days and days became weeks.   In the midst of the busy-ness I continue to count gifts from the Giver of all good gifts.  Gratitude is a lifebuoy - providing buoyancy in this sea of life.

Thankful today for:

#901 -920

roasted fennel and carrots
surprise lunch date with Rach
preparing birthday dinner for hubby
stiff peaks of freshly whipped cream
crimson strawberries on sea of cream

lavender and white azaleas
window framed butterflies
shoes with bows an blooming flowers
slow Saturday stroll
walking and laughing

new morning mercies
homemade brownies
present focused thinking
hope for the future
walkway escorted by colorful impatiens

chatting with curious students
conversation with Julie about writing with authenticity
awakening to a bright sunny morning
stilling dizzy moments
learning to lean on Jesus

Wishing you joy moments and peace-filled days,

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