Thursday, May 19, 2011

Question: Quit or Not Quit?

"Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime's work, but it's worth the effort." Fred Rogers

Quit ~ defined as stop, leave, discontinue

I had been pondering a decision: quit two of the three volunteer activities in which I am involved.  I journaled, prayed, quietly considered the matter.  Then one day, I decided: I will do it!  I will quit {stop, leave, discontinue} the two activities...

...until my overthinking, hard to let go, unsure mind relented.  

I couldn't quit?!!

So, when the notice arrived regarding a mandatory evening meeting for the two activities on the same evening I had committed to joining friends at a worship event, I was torn.

What to do now?

I asked the Lord and heard least not until 90 minutes  prior to the simultaneous start of both the meeting and the event.

I picked up the phone to resign the volunteer roles.  As soon as I uttered the words: "I am discontinuing my volunteer duties," peace rolled in like a red carpet - and I walked on to the event with friends.

Why did it take so long to decide? 

Several thoughts came to  mind as I processed this situation:
  • the activities I volunteered for were worthy and suited my gifts and talents
  • since I completed training for these two roles, I felt obligated to give back
  • my hesitance in quitting, in part, reflected my tendency to elevate the routine and known over the unusual (or different) and unknown
For over a week, as I read Cassandra's blog posts about the retreat she recently completed, I longed for such a time. 

Problem: I had no room for a retreat. 

Well, now that I have discontinued some activities, I can give myself over to welcoming a new season.

I am beginning this new season with a whitespace break and a writing retreat.  While I cannot stop all activities, I arranged for a period of time where I am slipping out of some routines in order to embrace a new flow of creativity.

I will take a break from this blog for the remainder of May.

Looking forward to new discoveries. 

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In Joy,


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